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Beautiful Baby Girl!

It seems I am not updating my blog as much as I would like to. I am pretty good about updating my business Facebook page, so you may want to wander over there and check it out.


I photographed this sweet baby girl a few weeks ago. Newborn sessions are always unpredictable. Before the session, I try to give parents an idea of what they can expect, but honestly, it’s almost impossible to describe what a newborn session is really going to be like. The main thing I try to convey about newborn sessions is “The baby is in charge.”  This little one had a tiny bit of trouble settling down at the beginning, but once we got her asleep she just gave and gave with the poses! I believe one of the key reasons the session went so smoothly is we were able to make the house nice and warm (we used a space heater as well as the furnace). Sometimes parents are resistant to cranking up the heat (and yes, we adults do get a bit uncomfortable), but it really makes a huge difference. Other tricks in my arsenal. . .white noise and yes, a lot of patience!


Baby “A” and her parents were a complete joy to work with. This little girl is so very loved.