Pittsburgh Senior Portrait Photographer

Wow! I survived September. This past month was definitely the busiest and craziest month ever for my photography business. Sooooo many seniors! October is proving to be more manageable. I am still photographing seniors, but the weekends have switched to family portraits. I will be sharing some of those images soon. In the meantime, here are some recent seniors. I still have a few dates left on the calendar if you have not scheduled your senior portraits yet.  For those of you who just need a yearbook pictures, I do have some special rates for studio yearbook sessions. Please email me at info@bonnieburmanphotography.com for more details.


Alexis rocked her shoot! Sometimes it’s just really hard to settle on one image to showcase. I will definitely be sharing more of her images later.



I loved Rachael’s curly red hair and we she announced she brought her guitar I think I might have squealed with delight. I love when seniors bring instruments to their shoots.


Tessa and her mom were a blast. They had a ton of idea for the shoot and made sure to share them with me ahead of time so we could plan accordingly.  Tessa really wanted “the chair shot”, but finding a road with a yellow line that wasn’t like Grand Central Station was a bit of a challenge. Tessa finally remembered this lightly traveled road from her bus route. I love how this turned out. And please, be cautious when doing pictures on roads. Safety is ALWAYS the top priority for me.


Tyler is Tessa’s brother.  I love everything about this, his expression, the glasses, the rolled cuffs, the loosened tie. I really appreciate the fact that Tyler let his mom and me make him all GQ. He was just an all around great young man to work with.


What I didn’t mention is that Tessa and Tyler are twins!


Talia. Eyes. Amazing. Do I really need to say anything else about this?


Sara was such a sweetheart to work with and had great style.  This is a spot I usually cannot use in the afternoon because the light is coming from the wrong direction. But we ended up with an extremely overcast day which worked in our favor. I love how this turned out.





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